CoDev’s Burning Election Questions

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Members of CoDev partner CODEMUH march for women’s rights in Honduras

Members of CoDev partner CODEMUH march for women’s rights in Honduras

There are an awful lot of important issues being talked about during this extended election period. Canada’s policy on foreign aid and international development is one that CoDev and the international cooperation community are keen to see included. There have been significant changes to Canada’s policies on these issues in the past decade, and many in the international development and solidarity community believe there is an urgent need to take a long hard look at the direction our country has taken. (more…)

Celebrating our 30th anniversary!

Some original partners help us reflect on 30 years of supporting solidarity in Latin America.

The #Ometepe2015 Project

CoDevelopment Canada needs to raise $4000 by November 2015 to support our #Ometepe2015 Project!

Many ways to donate: Canada Helps, CHIMP, Go Fund Me, Indie GoGo.


Take Action: Colombia, Under Surveillance, June 2015

Berenice Celeyta, Director, NOMADESC

Berenice Celeyta, Director, NOMADESC

CoDev is concerned for the safety of the director of our Colombian partner organization NOMADESC. Berenice Celeita was under surveillance by unidentified individuals after returning from a visit to Canada and the USA to expose human rights violations in Colombia.

Take Action now and join CoDev in sending a letter to Colombian President Juan Manual Santos to let him know that Canadians are concerned about Berenice’s safety and asking him to take action to ensure Berenice’s safety and well-being. (more…)

Transformative Peace: a proposal for Colombia

The conflict in Colombia is the longest running conflict in Latin America. It is clear that a Colombia without war is better than a Colombia with war. So the peace dialogues underway are positive but our Latin American partner Asociación Nomadesc reminds us in this video that there are different perspectives on peace. (more…)