Job Posting: Program Assistant

CoDevelopment Canada (CoDev) is a BC-based non-profit agency that works for social change in Latin America and in Canada. We build partnerships with organizations in Canada and throughout Latin America to protect workers’ rights, build solidarity for public education, strengthen grassroots initiatives, engage Canadians in global issues and promote fair trade.

We are looking for a Program Assistant to join our team. (more…)

Honduras Free Trade Agreement

Honduras deal: Another example of Canada’s poor record on trade and human rights.

Excerpted from Embassy magazine (Wednesday, July 9, 2014), Bill Fairbairn and Tara Ward are co-chairs, and Stacey Gomez is the co-ordinator of the Americas Policy Group, a working group of the Canadian Council for International Co-operation focused on development and social justice issues in the Americas.

Despite compelling testimony provided over the past year that emphasized the dire human rights situation in Honduras, the act to implement the Canada-Honduras Free Trade Agreement quietly passed its third reading in the Senate in June and received royal assent. (more…)

Women Workers Make Gains in Central America

Excerpted from CUPE’s International Solidarity Report 2013-14, Executive Director Barbara Wood writes about the amazing work of CoDev/CUPE partners MEC. (you can find a full copy of the CUPE International Solidarity Report at their website)

Shouts of joy and celebration rang out at the annual forum held by CUPE partner, MEC (the Maria Elena Cuadra Movement of Employed and Unemployed Women) in Managua, Nicaragua in March. (more…)

Maquila Tour to Honduras & Nicaragua 2014

In March of this year, Executive Director Barbara Wood led a delegation to Nicaragua and Honduras to meet with MEC and CODEMUH, two women’s organizations that work with maquila or sweatshop workers. Representatives from CUPE and BCGEU joined Barbara on the trip, including Andrea Duncan. We asked Andrea to share her impressions of the experience. (more…)

2014 Annual Solidarity and Fundraising Dinner

This past June 7, CoDev celebrated its 2014 Annual Solidarity and Fundraising Dinner at the Maritime Labour Centre. Hundreds of guests enjoyed the good company of friends and colleagues while dining on delicious latin-themed fare. (more…)