Dispatch #2: Young Worker’s Tour 2011

The Young Workers’ delegation arrived today in San Pedro Sula, and began meetings by traveling to El Progreso and meeting with a member of the Radio Progreso team.

Radio Progreso was a beacon during those dark days of the coup… I remember sitting in the CoDev office, with the Radio Progreso live stream on the screen, straining to understand, straining to figure out what was going on. On the same day as the coup took place, the military came to Radio Progreso and camped out around the building, sending the obvious message that intervention could (more…)

Dispatch #1: Young Worker’s Tour 2011

From Sarena Talbot, CoDev Program Assistant, November 30, 2011

The Young Worker’s tour is off to a great start. We are currently in Houston waiting  overnight to fly to San Pedro Sula, Honduras tomorrow morning. We have a wonderful group of young workers from across Western Canada, and, despite an incredibly early morning, we all managed to stay awake long enough over dinner to share a bit about our backgrounds and what brought us to join the tour. There is a  great diversity of experiences and backgrounds and all are excited to be here and are looking forward to meeting with CoDev’s partners in Honduras and El Salvador.

Check out other posts from this delegation. While you’re at it, also check out this great blog from one of the participants, Rachel Albiez from the PSAC!

In Memory of Bob Rosen

On November 22nd we at CoDev, along with so many others in our community, lost a dear friend and an incredible board member.  Bob Rosen was a dedicated and tireless advocate for CoDev as well as so many other organizations and causes. We miss him greatly and are honoured to have been a part of his life. (more…)

Buy once, give twice!

Just in time for the holidays, Café Ético has a variety of festive gift packages with fair trade coffee and chocolate. In addition to our standard packages, this year we are also offering customizable gift baskets – just call us, and we’ll create the perfect basket full of fair trade goodies! We also have a limited number of (more…)

La Feria Latina

Posted on behalf of CIPO-VAN

We are proud to announce the second Feria Latina (Latin Fair) from 4 to 10 pm on December 17th 2011, at St. Helens’ Church (3871 Pandora St, Burnaby).  Enjoy Latino food like (more…)