Contribute your Aeroplan miles to CoDev!

Back in 2008 we asked you to support us with your Aeroplan miles and you did! We were able to bring two Latin American partners to Canada to share their stories with us.

In June 2010, Maria Luisa Regalado from Honduran partner CODEMUH joined us for our annual fundraising dinner where she captivated over 300 people with (more…)

Displaced Afro-Colombian Community Organization Threatened

We have recently received the attached urgent action from our partner NOMADESC regarding a disturbing attack on COPDICONC, an organization of Afro-Colombian communities from Nariño and southern Cauca, many of whom have been forcibly (more…)

MEC: Todas Juntas, Todas Libres

Earlier this year CoDev’s partner MEC (Maria Elena Cuadra Movement of Employed and Unemployed Women) participated in a video: Todas Juntas, Todas Libres or Women United and FreeWomen United and Free is an artistic endeavour envisioned by (more…)

Trouble Brewing

Climate change, speculation and coffee

Noticed higher prices for coffee? Coffee prices, along with many other agricultural commodities, have increased dramatically over the past few years, reaching levels not seen in over 30 years. Why the sudden increase? Two of the factors to blame are climate change and speculation.

Coffee requires a long rainy season and a long hot, dry season to flourish. In Nicaragua and Guatemala, farmers have reported rain during the dry season and drought during the rainy season, and say that as a result, (more…)

Recent reports on Colombia

Trade union rights, forced disappearances and the para-political scandal

In February and March of this year, CoDev was pleased to host Colombian human rights partner, Berenice Celeyta of NOMADESC. Her visit included time in Ottawa, Vancouver and Regina meeting with union leaders and activists, government officials, MPs and other interested Canadians. In Berenice’s presentations to Canadians she spoke about the new government of President Juan Manuel Santos who became President in August 2010. She said that although his discourse was nicer sounding than that of his predecessor, Alvaro Uribe who was infamous for calling people terrorists or guerrilla sympathizers, most Colombians see that little has changed with this new government.

She reminded Canadians that it is important to remember that Juan Manuel Santos was Defence Minister under the Uribe regime during a time when human rights violations, including the abhorrent practice of (more…)