Peru Elects a New President

What does Ollanta Humala’s victory mean to Peruvian Educators and Education?

The election June 5th of centre-left presidential candidate Ollanta Humala of the Peruvian National Party could signify important changes for CoDev’s partner, the Peruvian Education Workers’ Union (SUTEP) and for public education in the Andean country.

During the 1990 – 2000 dictatorship of Alberto Fujimori, SUTEP lost its legal status and numerous teacher activists were imprisoned. In the decade since the fall of Fujimori, elected neoliberal presidents continued the assault against the teachers’ union. The offensive reached its height in 2007 when (more…)

Zelaya’s Return

What does it mean for Hondurans?

Honduras MuralTwo years after the 2009 coup against his presidency, Manuel Zelaya returned to Honduras on Saturday (May 28th), to a crowd of thousands. While the Resistance is not declaring victory, they recognize the agreement offers a possible opening for reforming the constitution which was the original proposal and remains a demand from the resistance front.

CoDev’s partners are (more…)

Members Survey

CoDevelopment Canada is undergoing a review of our “Partners in Solidarity” newsletter which comes out every February, May and November in print and electronic formats. We will use this information for an internal discussion on the format and content of this publication. Upon completion of the survey {July11 Update: Survey is now closed, thank you to those who entered} you will be offered (more…)

Young Worker’s Delegation 2011

CoDev Delegation to Colombia - Oct 2010

Sign Up for CoDev’s Young Worker’s Delegation to Honduras and El Salvador! Nov 30th- Dec 9th, 2011


Looking ahead to Guatemala’s elections

Presidential elections are scheduled for September 11, 2011 in Guatemala. For the first time in a decade the Guatemalan left is entering the election campaign united. The Alternative for a New Nation (ANN) and the Guatemalan National Revolutionary Unity (URNG), both parties coming out of the former rebel movement (and in which many of our friends in the CCDA are active), have allied with the New Republic Movement (MNR), a new left party comprised mainly of younger activists who came out of the student movement of the 1990s, to create  the Frente Amplio, (Broad Front). While it has not yet formally joined, (more…)