The courage of women lifts us all

Berenice Celeyta VDLC-IWD 3Mar11

Barbara Wood, CoDev Executive Director, shares the second of a 3-part report on Berenice Celeyta’s (NOMADESC) 2011 visit to Canada.

Amidst roses, pakoras and historic photos of working women, Berenice came on stage at the Vancouver and District Labour Council International Women’s Day dinner on March 3rd, to share with all those gathered the stories of (more…)

Happy International Women’s Day!


¡Feliz día de la mujer! CoDev celebrates the work of our Latin American Sisters striving for equality and justice. Twenty-six years working together for women’s rights, workers rights and human rights!  CoDev celebra el labor de nuestras hermanas en Latinoamérica luchando por la igualdad y la justicia. ¡Veintiséis años trabajando juntos para los derechos de la mujer, los derechos laborales y los derechos humanos!

Strategizing in the Cold

Barbara Wood, CoDev Executive Director, shares the first of a 3-part report on Berenice Celeyta’s (NOMADESC) 2011 visit to Canada.

The two of us turned the corner onto Rideau Street and were nearly knocked over by the wind. Colombian partner and human rights defender, Berenice Celeyta, and I were on our way to visit the office of Peter Julian, MP for Burnaby-New Westminster. Walking the three blocks at these temperatures is nothing for those that live in Ottawa but definitely rather shocking for a Colombian used to the tropical temperatures of Cali. Some cold weather doesn’t stop a Colombian human rights worker though, (more…)

Partner to Speak on Human Rights in Colombia

Human rights defender Berenice Celeyta says that international solidarity helps to keep her alive and able to continue her work. Celeyta is the founder and director of one of CoDev’s partners, NOMADESC, an organization dedicated to working with local communities in the south west region of Colombia to defend and promote their rights. (more…)

Welcome to CoDev’s New Website!

CoDev Staff Photo - Holiday 2010

The team at CoDev are thrilled to welcome you to our newly designed website!  Working with the incredible team at Raised Eyebrow we are now pleased to offer you some incredible online features that will keep you informed about our work and offer you a chance to support our partners and their work for global justice! (more…)