Call for support for Colombian Teachers’ Strike as violence against educators increases.

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Following a failed round of negotiations this week, and the killings of 3 teachers, the Colombian Educators’ Federation (FECODE) has called for new actions in the national teachers’ strike the federation launched May 11.

FECODE representatives said the Colombian education ministry has failed to move on the federation’s demands aimed at addressing the crisis in Colombia’s public education system. FECODE is calling for a reduction in class sizes, investment in the system’s crumbling infrastructure, the provision of janitors and other maintenance personnel, school lunches and public transport for students, improved teacher training, and compliance with wage agreements committed to by the Colombian government in 2016. (more…)

Update from Buenaventura, Colombia

On Tuesday June 6, Colombian authorities and community leaders in the Pacific port of Buenaventura reached a deal to lift the 21 day civil strike that emphatically demanded the national government and President Juan Manual Santos, to fulfill their commitments with the peoples of Buenaventura signed in 2014.

Peoples in Buenaventura were tired of seeing the economic interests of transnationals always placed first, while their basic public needs were shoved aside and communities forgotten and submerged in extreme poverty and violence. (more…)

Urgent Action: Violence Against Protesters in Buenaventura

Call on Colombian Authorities to End Repression in Buenaventura and to Address Grievances. (more…)

Canada should support democracy, not just condemn the government, in Venezuela

Backing a mediation effort would be a good start.


Urgent Action: Sweatshop Workers Fired

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