Just Film Festival 2016

Pop the popcorn and dim the lights – the Just Film Festival 2016 arrives Feb 11-13. For complete information and to buy tickets visit

A message of thanks from NOMADESC

I sometimes wonder when I sign urgent actions and petitions what impact they have. Do leaders listen? Are our concerns heard? One thing is certain – our partners on whose behalf we write these urgent actions most certainly do hear and appreciate our solidarity. CoDev’s partner NOMADESC recently asked us to share this letter of appreciation (more…)

Urgent Action: Colombian Union Leaders Receive Death Threats

Dear friends,

This week we received disturbing news from our partner NOMADESC in Valle de Cauca, Colombia informing us of new, very explicit death threats against labour leaders in the region. Among those threatened is teacher activist Julian Lozano, with whom CoDev has worked on various education projects in the past few years. Julian was recently elected General Secretary of the Valle de Cauca section of the Colombian Labour Central (CUT). (more…)

Urgent Action: Human Rights Defenders Threatened

Colombian Human Rights Defenders Threatened

Urge Colombian authorities to take action to ensure the safety of human rights leaders

CoDevelopment Canada partner NOMADESC has reported alarming threats against two human rights leaders in Buenaventura, Colombia, Danelly Estupiñan Valencia and Rocio del Pilar Segura. The threats appear to originate from paramilitaries linked to organized crime. (more…)

The Painted Angels of Ciudad Juárez

Local artists in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico have found a profound and beautiful way to pay tribute to the lives of missing women from their city. Painting their images in murals. (more…)