Board of Directors

CoDev’s board of directors is made up of a group of dedicated individuals who are committed to social justice and international development built around a partnership model.  Members of the board are elected annually from the membership of CoDev at our annual general meeting in September. If you are interested in getting involved in the board please contact us.

2016/17 Board of Directors

“I was so pleased to join the board of CoDev in the fall of 2010 and I proudly speak of the organization’s on-going contributions to human rights, labour, women’s and international solidarity work throughout Latin America at every available opportunity. For CoDev, international solidarity is a reality, not a platitude.”
Conni Kilfoil, 2011.

  • President: Megan Ashbury (Advocacy, BCGEU*)
  • Vice-President: Nancy Hawkins (Retired teacher, VESTA/BCTF)
  • Treasurer: Nicole Benson (Teacher, Esperanza Education)
  • Secretary: Carol Wood (Campaigns Officer, BCGEU)
  • Member-at-Large: Diana Alvarez (Marine biologist)
  • Josh Berson (Photographer)
  • Deborah Bourque (HEU staff – retired)
  • Byron Cruz
  • Jan Eastman (Retired teacher)
  • Alexandra Henao-Castrillon (Community organizer/support worker)
  • Agnes Jackman (HSA member)
  • Anne McDonald (Retired teacher, BCTF)
  • Marion Pollack (Retired staff, CUPW)
  • Susan Weber (retired media librarian)
  • Carol Wood (Campaigns Officer, BCGEU)

*Affiliate organizations are listed for information only. Individuals do not directly represent their organizations on the Board of Directors.

2015 Board of Directors

2014/15 Board of Directors

Back row, left to right: Lisa Claxton, Megan Ashbury, Anne McDonald, Nancy Hawkins, Nicole Benson, Britt Skinner, Jorge Salazar
Front row, left to right: Marion Pollack, Carol Wood, Agnes Jackman, Rick Gordon, Deborah Bourque, Joey Hartman, Josh Berson
Not pictured: Kassandra Cordero