CoDev Staff

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STEVE Stewart, Acting Executive Director

Steve is CoDev’s Education Program Director and the Technical Secretary for the IDEA Network, which is housed at the CoDev offices. Steve has been involved in Latin American issues since he first visited Central America in 1986. After a stint as a Surrey Spanish and Social Studies teacher, Steve joined the CERIGUA news agency and covered the civil wars and land, labour and human rights issues during the 1990s in Mexico, Guatemala and El Salvador. He has been working for the IDEA Network since its founding in 1999 and joined CoDev at the beginning of 2000.

KIRSTEN Daub, Executive Director [on leave]

Kirsten has been with CoDev since 2003, when she arrived as a volunteer. Kirsten has over 10 years’ experience working with CoDev, and has filled numerous roles over the years including Education Program Director, Administrative Director and Café Etico Coordinator. Kirsten first became involved in activism on Latin American issues while learning Spanish in Guatemala. After completing her BA in Spanish at Concordia University, Kirsten began volunteering with CoDev while working on her Masters in Latin American Studies at SFU. Kirsten is passionate about building international solidarity for global justice and CoDev’s work to connect civil society organizations in Canada and Latin America.

WENDY Santizo, Program Director

Wendy has been working with Latin American social movements since 1999, in particular on the rights to memory, truth and justice. She is founder of the grassroots organization HIJOS (sons and daughters of the disappeared) in Guatemala and petitioner before the Inter American Human Rights Court in the Military Diary Case. Wendy has also worked for the right to public quality education with organizations like PRODESSA and CEAAL, applying methodologies of popular education. Wendy is passionate about history and theatre of the oppressed; in the mid 90’s Wendy was part of Vancouver’s Latino Theatre Group exploring issues affecting Vancouver communities.

CINDY Pandini, Communications & Development Director

Cindy has more than 25 years experience working for non-profits across the globe.  Her happiest days were spent working to build the capacity of local environmental NGOs across Latin America and the Caribbean through The Nature Conservancy (Washington D.C).  It was during those eight years that she fell in love with the people and cultures of our friends in Latin America.  She has directed fundraising and communications programs for major NGOs in the United States and most recently as the Executive Director of BC Social Venture Partners, a Vancouver-based organization dedicated to capacity-building with local nonprofits.  A strong advocate for social justice, Cindy is eager to use her skills to promote understanding of the issues facing our Latin American Partners and encourage our Canadian Partners and fellow citizens to participate in and support CoDev’s work. Cindy is an advisor to the Vancouver Centre for Arts and Technology (VANCAT), the author of three books and a citizen of the world.  Cindy is so pleased to have joined the CoDev team in 2013.

JEFFREY Cramer, Finance & Operations Director

Prior to working in the private sector, Jeffrey enjoyed a career in the non-profit HIV/AIDS community, capped off by an exciting year with the XI International Conference on AIDS in 1996. He then moved into the private sector for 15 years, organizing and operating successful small-business ventures, where he gained a world of knowledge and experience, and honed his entrepreneurial spirit. His commitment to human rights and social justice subsequently drew him back to the non-profit sector, when Jeffrey joined the CoDevelopment team as Finance & Operations Director in 2011.

Café Ético Staff

FRANCISCO Gómez López, Café Ėtico Coordinator

Francisco Gómez-López joined CoDev as the Café Ėtico sales coordinator in August 2016. He is currently a PhD student on Interdisciplinary Studies at UBC and a Scholar at the Liu Institute for Global Issues. For more than 10 years he worked in the private sector implementing sustainable management practices for plant nurseries on different projects in Metro Vancouver. During this time Francisco’s passion has led him to organize several community events and conferences on issues that affect the Latin American community involving: immigration, land, sustainability, Free Trade Agreements and human rights. Before coming to Canada, Francisco worked with different rural communities in Colombia engaging in food security programs and organic coffee growth production. He is excited to be part of the CoDev team and their continue work with Canadian and Latin American partners. At his free time he enjoys writing, playing soccer and playing guitar.