Take Action: Colombian Partner Faces Death Threats!

In the short time since we sent you an urgent action on December 20th asking for letters to protest ongoing death threats against NOMADESC and other union and human rights organizations in Cali and the southwest of Colombia, several more threats have been made. On January 6th, a call to the landline in the NOMADESC office threatened the staff. Later the same day, an activist in the Movement of Victims of State Violence had her home watched for several hours. The increase in the number of threats is alarming. We spoke with Berenice Celeyta, Director of NOMADESC, in mid-January and she sounded extremely worried.

Many of you will know that Berenice credits international solidarity with protecting her life. This is not an empty statement – our letters can help by demonstrating that the world is watching. If you were not able to write a short message before the holidays, this is the time to do it. Please to take a minute to read the backgrounder and write to the Colombian authorities. Ask your local, your co-workers and your friends to do the same.

Thank you for joining us in supporting Berenice and the work of NOMADESC.   ~ Barbara

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