MEC: Todas Juntas, Todas Libres

Earlier this year CoDev’s partner MEC (Maria Elena Cuadra Movement of Employed and Unemployed Women) participated in a video: Todas Juntas, Todas Libres or Women United and FreeWomen United and Free is an artistic endeavour envisioned by Gaby Baca, Elsa Basil and Clara Grün – who have joined the daily struggle of women organizations and movements – to integrate art as an indispensable element in preventing, and fighting against, the problems that women face.

Women United and Free {our translation} begins within the framework of the International Women’s day on March 8th and the 20th anniversary of the festival “We Are 52%,” a women’s group mobilizing action that took place two decades ago. The group of women declared and claimed the right for autonomy for women organizations from the state and political parties, in order to define their demands, pick their battles, build alliances and demand the enforcement of their rights in all spaces, both public and private.

The campaign demands that women be free from: maltreatment, authoritarianism, HIV, exploitation, maternal deaths, discrimination, unemployment, femicide, ignorance, racism, human trafficking, sex tourism, unplanned pregnancy, violence, impunity, abuse and all other violations that infringe upon the rights of women. At the same time, women must be free to decide, to choose and select, and to be chosen, in order to live with dignity, to be able to express their opinion, and to have these opinions taken into account.

The main goal of the campaign is the demand for women’s rights, the implementation of feminist objectives, as well as respect for women’s autonomy and diversity. “For there’s no one else like me,” says one line in the song, while others sing about the right to walk down the streets without being harassed, to choose our partners, to be different, to be free, to be united, to be able to call ourselves women and celebrate ourselves for who we are.

Amongst the many organizations that participated in this effort were the Maria Elena Cuadra Women’s Movement (MEC), The Centre for Health Information and Consulting (CISAS), Ixchen Women’s Centre, The Autonomous Women’s Movement (MAM), The Union Women’s Committee, The Nicaraguan Association of Women Writers, The 28th of September Campaign, Catholic Women for Freedom of Choice (CDD), and Latin America and Caribbean Women’s Health Network (LACWHN). Various women’s organizations from different departments and municipalities of the country joined the three famous Nicaraguan singers to invite all women and men to sing together for the rights of women.


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