Teaching for Transformation

International Forum on Liberating Pedagogies and Resistance to Neo-liberalism

Educator and student activists from 20 countries will gather in Vancouver April 12-13 to participate in the “Teaching for Transformation” (T4T) Forum on Liberating Pedagogies.

Fanny Sequeira & Luzmilla Sanchez, FOMCA, will both be in Vancouver for T4T

The T4T forum, organized by the Initiative for Democratic Education in the Americas (IDEA), provides an opportunity for supporters of transformative public education to share experiences, tactics and approaches for the creation of democratic classrooms that encourage critical thinking and empower students as active and inclusive citizens.

IDEA is an-Americas-wide network of organizations that share a commitment to protecting and improving public education, seen as essential to democratic development and the protection of human rights. IDEA has been a CoDev partner since 1999 and Steve Stewart, CoDev Program Director is also the Technical Secretary for IDEA. Along with Canadian Partners (BCTF and CIDA,) CoDev supports IDEA’s work of building an Americas-wide movement of public education defenders armed with the research background and grassroots support needed to advance effective, democratic and universal public education systems throughout the Western Hemisphere.

The T4T forum will examine the impact of neo-liberal economic and social policies on education and pedagogical practices, and frame alternatives to these policies. The focus is on understanding the nature of neo-liberal education policies in different parts of the globe, their impact, forms of resistance, and pedagogical alternatives that are empowering and emancipating.

Approximately half of the forum participation will be representatives of Latin American organizations. Simultaneous Spanish-English translation will be provided.

The structure of the seminar will be panels of presentations, followed by working sessions in two languages.

This seminar precedes the conference of the American Education Research Association being held in Vancouver, Canada, from April 14-17, 2012.

The number of participants for IDEA’s forum, being held at the BCTF, is limited by the need for simultaneous translation. However, IDEA is also hosting a public event with panelists from the T4T forum that is open to everyone. The public event takes place at 7 PM, Thursday April 12 at the BC Teachers’ Federation building (100-550 W. 6th Ave, Van.).  Can’t make it in-person? The panel will be live streamed starting at 7pm PST!

To register for the full forum  visit the IDEA website, and for more information please e-mail us or call 604.708.1495 x112.

Hosted by the British Columbia Teachers’ Federation


3 Responses to Teaching for Transformation

  1. Dawa Tshering says:

    The point discussed above was wonderful one. I like it very much.
    Could you please,help me in critically analysing the statement,”Teaching is transformation rather than transmission”.

  2. critically analyze the statement teaching is transformation rather than transmission

  3. Kyla says:

    Hi Tenzin.
    Thank you for your comment/question.
    For specific questions like this about the work of IDEA you can find out more on their website (and contact them through it): http://idea-network.ca/
    Thank you!

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