Leaving a Legacy

We’re thrilled to share this guest blog post from Catherine Evans who has been working with CoDev as we grow our planned giving program to give our amazing supporters an additional avenue for contributing to building partnerships for global justice.

Congratulations to CoDev on the publication of Planting Seeds for the Future. Building up an endowment fund through planned giving and major gifts is a highly effective means of sustaining the important work being done by CoDev and its partners.

Leaving a charitable gift in your Will or making CoDev a beneficiary of your RRSP, RRIF or Life Insurance are ways you can contribute to the future of CoDev. Having an up-to-date Will and related estate planning documents – including a Representation Agreement for Personal and Health Care and an Enduring Power of Attorney for Financial Matters – also provides peace of mind and is a way to give family and friends the key legal tools they need to look after both you and your property according to your wishes.

Everyone’s needs for estate planning are different. A great deal depends on personal and family circumstances. People who have a child with severe disabilities; property in another country; step-children; a family business; or estranged family members, all need different strategies for dealing with their estate. Lawyers and notary publics can help you sort through your various options – you don’t have to have it all figured out yourself. Not planning, however, can lead to unintended outcomes as well as significant time, trouble and expense.

Making a gift to CoDev through planned giving is a good reason to make an appointment to see a lawyer or Notary Public to discuss your entire estate plan, review the documents you already have and put in place any others you may need so that you, and the people close to you, are prepared for whatever happens. It’s a small investment you can make in both your future and the future work of CoDev.

At the end of 2010, Catherine became an associate of the Janine A.S. Thomas Law Corporation. Like Janine, her practice is focused on estate planning, estate administration and related issues.

Catherine has a BA from Dalhousie University, M. Div. from U of T, and LLB from York University. In addition, she has pursued graduate studies in Dispute Resolution at Radcliffe University through the Harvard Program on Negotiation, and Conflict Resolution studies at the Justice Institute of BC.

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