It doesn’t happen often…

We very rarely have announcements to make about staff changes at CoDev. This is partly because working here is an incredible and rewarding experience but also because we are such a small staff team which makes turnover unusual. Summer 2012 is bringing us a series of changes! Let’s see if we can explain what’s going on:

Sarena Talbot (R) in El Salvador with CoDev Pgm Director Carol Wood.

Sarena Talbot, former Education Program Coordinator, left us in July 2012. We were sad to see her contract come to an end but are thrilled that the amazing people at First Call BC grabbed her. Sarena brought incredible energy, knowledge and laughter to her two and a half years at CoDev!

In August 2012 Steve Stewart, Education Program Director, is heading off for a one-year education leave of absence. Steve is sharpening his pencils (or prepping his laptop) and heading off to the halls of UBC to delve into interdisciplinary graduate studies with a focus on reinsertion strategies of two different Guatemalan insurgent groups. We are excited for him and know that his creative thought process and inquisitive mind will be a great match for his program.

Kirsten Daub & Steve Stewart

Kirsten Daub, who many of you know as the provider of your coffee needs as the Café Ético Coordinator, continues her path with CoDev back to a position that she has been in before. Kirsten’s first contract position with CoDev was covering Steve’s paternity leave in 2005/6 and she revisits that work by moving into the Education Program Director for the duration of his education leave. We are so fortunate to have Kirsten and her knowledge of not one, not two, but three roles at CoDev (she also staffed the Administrative Director position during a mat leave)!

Almost done…hopefully we haven’t confused you yet!

Jennifer Boundy (R) at CoDev film festival 2012

This brings us to Jennifer Boundy. Jennifer joined the CoDev board in September 2011 and has recently been chosen as the successful candidate to staff the Café Ético Coordinator position during Kirsten’s coverage of Steve’s role! Jennifer starts with us at the end of August and we are thrilled that she will bring her knowledge of the fair trade sector as the Owner/Founder of La Mano, Ethical Textiles with her to Café Ético.

CoDev is an organization that is made stronger and deeper by the experience and knowledge of its staff, board and volunteers. We are thrilled to have had so many amazing and dedicated individuals involved for the past 27 years. We’re even working on a family tree / timeline right now that takes a look at who all these amazing people are – we’re hoping to unveil it at our 2013 annual dinner! Thank you if you have been involved over the years – you are a part of our work building partnerships for global justice.

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