Partner Focus: NOMADESC

Solidarity in Action

Challenging times such as these make it apparent what a unique organization CoDev is. We have incredible staff, board members, and supporters and, more than that, we are privileged to work with communities in Latin America that are on the frontlines of advocating for human rights. 

In Colombia, our partner since 2003, NOMADESC (Association of Social Research and Action) works on the front lines in the southwest region of the country where the internal armed conflict continues to threaten the lives and livelihoods of the indigenous, afro-Colombian and peasant communities as well as unions, women’s organizations and student groups. 

Part of their work is basic human rights education that helps empower people to stand up and take action. 150 leaders from 23 Colombian community organizations attended NOMADESC trainings last year and between April and August of 2012, NOMADESC supported 500 people to report a human rights violation to government authorities. From the grassroots and the immediate, NOMADESC also works at the institutional level to strengthen human rights protection. To that end, they currently have three emblematic human rights cases in national and international courts. 

Berenice Celeyta, Director, NOMADESC

NOMADESC Director, Berenice Celeyta has told CoDev, as well as hundreds of Canadians on her visits here, that the support of its Canadian Partners and CoDev is vital to their work and to their security. Your support to CoDev helps this courageous and critical work to continue.

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