Winner of Latin American Delegation Draw!

As most NGOs do on a regular basis, CoDev staff are always looking for new ways of increasing CoDev’s membership base so that more Canadians can develop relationships with our work building partnerships for global justice and have a chance to hear stories about the amazing people we work with in Latin America.

We recognized that for a membership drive the best success comes when offering an incentive to potential members. We tossed around ideas but didn’t want to give away the traditional SWAG  – does anyone really want another lanyard/key chain/pen? We all agreed that we were looking for an incentive that would lead the winner of the draw to have a deeper connection to our work. Steve, one of our program directors, said “what if they could come with us on a Latin American delegation”! After some initial excitement at this great idea we thought….well, can we cover the associated costs for something like this?

Off we went to do the math and while it was an ambitious goal we believed that we could do it. To make it work out we would have to sell at least 150 draw tickets and we’d have to rely mostly on board members to do so…good thing we have an amazing board of directors! They used their enthusiasm and dedication to our work to sell over 180 tickets – meaning that we not only will cover the costs but we even raised a little money, brought in 46 new members to CoDev and encouraged many others to renew!

Finally in December, after 10 months of this campaign, we drew a winner….[drum roll]….Jim Skinner! Given our long history working with B.C. teachers to defend public education we are thrilled that Jim Skinner has worked in the public school system for 38 years and with the BCTF as Assistant Director of Professional Development. Jim has also taught in the Faculty of Education at the University of British Columbia as well as the Justice Institute of British Columbia and City University. For more than 25 years Jim has been a parenting course leader using Adlerian principles. Currently, Jim is the Executive Director of the Adlerian Psychology Association of B.C. (APABC). He is a also a faculty member of the Alfred Adler Institute.

When we informed Jim that he was the winner these were his thoughts: “What an unexpected and wonderful surprise! I love to travel. I like to get outside the tourist venues and be with the day-to-day world of the people living in the country. This is an amazing opportunity to see the fine work and the people CoDev is engaged with. I look forward to the educational adventure. I hope I can learn from this experience which will enrich me as a person and that I can impart to the various communities with which I am involved.

I am very excited as I think of this opportunity to see first hand the wonderful work that CoDev supports in the Latin American countries. I know as a former staff member and member of the B.C.T.F. we were always supportive of this work and I had the opportunity to hear first hand from those whose regions had received this help. So actually going to a region to meet people and see the work completes a circle of knowing about this important work. Again, thank you for this unexpected opportunity to expand my horizons.”

We look forward to travelling with Jim in 2013!

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