Support Gender Equality on IWD 2013

Join our Latin American partner, MEC, in supporting gender equality and women’s rights on International Women’s Day!

CoDev’s Partners are Working for Gender Equality! CoDev’s Nicaraguan partner, MEC (Maria Elena Cuadra Movement of Employed and Unemployed Women) and the other activists in the Nicaraguan women’s movement achieved a significant victory in 2012 when the government approved legislation titled a Law Against Violence Against Women. MEC’s approach combines grassroots gender education with proposals to change laws that affect women. The legal reforms that they have developed come out of women’s experience and reflect aspirations for gender equality. These changes have not come easily, but MEC has persisted and gained important public support for these campaigns and advocacy along the way. 

At the start of their campaign to achieve the law, Nicaraguan women took it to the National Assembly as a proposal supported by the signatures of 12,000 women from around the country. They then organized forums, marches and meetings, and rallied for three days outside the National Assembly to keep the pressure on the legislators as they considered the bill. 

According to MEC, this is the first time in history that Nicaraguan law spells out and condemns all forms of violence against women, including the crime of femicide. MEC Director, Sandra Ramos says that the law is dedicated to the 800 women who have been murdered in the last ten years in Nicaragua. 

“CoDev’s support has been fundamental to achieving the successes we have in protecting the rights of women workers in the free trade zones. These are difficult times for everyone, for you, for us, and we believe that solidarity must be maintained to continue to promote the rights of both our countries’ most vulnerable women.” Sandra Ramos, MEC Still Work Left to Do! On International Women’s Day, it is important to celebrate the momentum that the gender agenda has achieved. However, we must also recognize that there is still much to do before gender equality is fully realized. The recession in North America and the changes in the global economy have created new pressures on maquila workers to conform to lower standards. Teachers in many countries face uphill struggles to maintain their basic rights and the right to public education for their students. These immediate crises threaten to push women’s rights to the background. CoDev’s partnership model supports organizations to keep gender equality and women’s rights on the agenda. 

Solidarity in Action! Your support of $35, $50 or even $100 will help CoDev continue to work together with our partners, responding to their needs and together promoting social change throughout the Americas. This International Women’s Day you can continue to support solidarity and have a major impact on the lives of women in Latin America. 

We hope that you will continue to work with us for global justice!

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