Global Solidarity Retreat

Apply now for a weekend retreat on Gambier Island, September 26-28, with Guatemalan activist, Sandra Moran. You will meet others, learn from Sandra, and make plans for ongoing solidarity!

Sandra MoranSandra Moran is one of Guatemala’s most prominent feminists and performance artists. Sandra’s human rights and musical activism made her a target for death squads and by the late 1980’s she was forced into exile in Nicaragua, Mexico and Vancouver, Canada to escape the violence. Sandra returned to Guatemala City in the mid-1990’s to continue her work for women’s rights. Upon her return, she came out as a lesbian, and has also been active in promoting GBLTQ rights in Guatemala. She believes that to create positive social change, activists must confront internalized beliefs of racism, homophobia, and other prejudices while addressing external systems of oppression.

Apply now – space is limited: Global Solidarity Retreat – application


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