CoDev’s Burning Election Questions

We Can Do Better!

Members of CoDev partner CODEMUH march for women’s rights in Honduras

Members of CoDev partner CODEMUH march for women’s rights in Honduras

There are an awful lot of important issues being talked about during this extended election period. Canada’s policy on foreign aid and international development is one that CoDev and the international cooperation community are keen to see included. There have been significant changes to Canada’s policies on these issues in the past decade, and many in the international development and solidarity community believe there is an urgent need to take a long hard look at the direction our country has taken.

We believe Canada has an important role to play at the international level, and that policy decisions here at home have a real impact on the lives of people throughout the world. With that in mind, CoDev has contacted the parties running in this federal election with a list of questions about their stance on key issues related to inequality, women’s rights, environmental sustainability and trade justice.

CoDev’s letter to the parties running in the 2015 federal election

We’ve asked the parties to respond to our questions by September 30th so that we can share their stances with CoDev members and the general public. In the meantime, we’re posting our questions here for people looking for tools to address Canada’s role in international development in the lead-up to October 19th. We encourage our members to use them as a tool to formulate your own questions when engaging with the parties in this election, whether at all-candidates forums, when campaigners knock at your door, or when discussing the election with friends and co-workers.

CoDev is part of the Canadian Council for International Cooperation (CCIC), the umbrella group for organizations engaged in international cooperation. CCIC has developed a great election tool kit for both individuals and organizations, which CoDev has drawn on in developing our questions. It’s full of excellent resources for reaching out to candidates and educating yourself on the issues. We encourage you to check out the We Can Do Better campaign website and share it and the Election Toolkit with your networks.

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