Urgent Action: Colombia, Three Dead and 179 Wounded by State Forces

Three dead and 179 wounded by state forces in response to peaceful civilian protests in Colombia

In May 2016, the National Indigenous Organization of Colombia (ONIC) convened a National Agrarian, Peasant, Ethnic and Grassroots Mobilization – for Good Living, a Structural Agrarian Reform and Dignified Cities – Sowing Hope, Harvesting our Country (or Minga, as it’s known in Colombia).

The Minga brings together diverse social movement actors from Indigenous, Afro-Colombian and peasant farmer organizations. They are calling on the Colombian government to comply with agreements reached after popular Indigenous mobilizations in 2013 and 2014, particularly around land reform, expressing their opposition to the Colombian government’s development model, and denouncing repressive state policies against popular protest.

According to ONIC, since May 30th there have been indiscriminate attacks by state forces against non-violent protesters in the 38 points of protest throughout the country. As of June 6, reports indicate that three Indigenous people have been killed, and 179 others have been wounded.

ONIC has reiterated its support for the peace dialogues between the State and the FARC, and the upcoming dialogues with the ELN. However, this repressive and violent response to peaceful civilian protest brings into question the State’s commitment to peace and its willingness to take into account the Colombian peoples’ vision of a just society.

Please add your voice to those calling on the Colombian government to cease using violence against its citizens and to comply with past agreements reached with National Indigenous protests.

Urgent Action: Colombia, June 2016

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