Urgent Action: Sweatshop Workers Fired

Tell U.S. Company, Delta Apparel to Give 25 Injured Honduran Workers Their Jobs Back!!

Between April 5-7th, 2017, U.S.-based company, Delta Apparel fired over 40 workers that suffer from musculoskeletal injuries, from their factory in Villanueva, Cortés, Honduras. Most have worked with the company for over 10 years. 25 of the 40 workers have refused to accept any settlements, and are demanding that Delta Apparel give them their jobs back.

Video interview with a Delta Apparel fired worker

May Day March 2017. Paper sign to the right reads “Male and female workers demand that Delta Apparel Honduras give us our jobs back.” Photo credit: CODEMUH

Without their jobs, the injured workers cannot access needed medical benefits and treatments, including operations, medicines, and rehab. Since they were fired, CODEMUH and the workers have organized protests and gatherings outside of Delta’s factory.  Let’s make Delta Apparel listen to them!

The 25 workers – 22 women and three men – have received medical diagnoses that demonstrate that the injuries they suffer from, have been largely caused by the repetitive assembly line work in the factories. The diagnoses of work-related injuries requires Delta to relocate workers inside the factory in order to reduce the risk factors that caused the injuries in the first place. Delta refused to do this, and instead fired the workers, using their injuries and diagnoses as the justification! This is in clear violation of Honduran law, which is already weakly enforced given the power of foreign companies, and the high rates of impunity and corruption in the Honduran government.

Please add your voice in solidarity with the Delta Apparel workers in Honduras below.

Urgent Action: Sweatshop Workers Fired in Honduras

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