COVID-19 Update: Peru

Peru – SUTEP (Peruvian Education Workers’ Union)

As of 19 December, in Peru there are 995,899 confirmed cases of COVID-19; 930,410 of whom have recovered, and 37,034 people who have died1, including 9 teachers. Common crime has subsided, however domestic violence has increased with many women and girls who are forced to social distance with their aggressors.

On March 18, after the National Government announced quarantine measures, the Ministry of Education informed teachers engage in distance learning through the program “Aprendo en Casa/ Learning at Home”. This platform provides access to learning opportunities for pre-school, elementary and secondary levels through an online website, one public television channel and one public radio station.

Teachers have been working online with certain limitations as there are many communities that don’t have access to internet or the signal is very weak. SUTEP was successful in delaying the start of the school year until health authorities can guarantee that it is safe to do so. In addition, they have demanded that the government distribute 1 million tablets with internet access for teachers and students in rural regions, while recognizing that more is needed to close the digital gap at the national level.

We believe this is an opportunity to strengthen our engagement with parents and their much needed involvement in student learning. SUTEP is also creating online professional development opportunities focused on a gender-sensitive approach, use of technologies for information and communication, tutorials for filling the online monitoring forms and for labour rights during the quarantine.

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