CoDevelopment Canada and Communities Resisting Racism

CoDevelopment Canada stands with and supports the black community and all racialized communities; every day, everywhere to end racism in all forms.

Recent deaths of members of the black community in the US and indigenous communities in Canada at the hands of law enforcement leave us heartbroken. Their lives, and the lives of black, indigenous and all peoples taken by violence, matter.

Peaceful protesters gathered Sunday, May 31 outside the Vancouver Art Gallery. Photo: @cannabis.chronicle/Instagram

CoDevelopment Canada is founded on principles of social justice and global solidarity. We know that expressions of racism in the Americas are a result of colonization, and structural violence is prevalent throughout the Americas. Our partners in Latin America also fight these forces of oppression in their governments, institutions and societies.

We stand with black, indigenous, and all communities facing injustice. We pledge to continue to work to enforce international human rights and basic human dignity everywhere, especially in our own backyard.

Show your solidarity by supporting Canadian organizations working for Black and Indigenous communities.

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