Viva las mujeres centroamericanas! Viva!

Long live Central American women!

CoDev’s Executive Director, Barbara Wood is leading a delegation of Canadian Partners to Nicaragua and Honduras to meet with the women’s organization partners that work in the Maquila or sweatshop sector. She writes from Nicaragua. (more…)

CoDev partner, MEC Recognised for Outstanding Work

The Nicaraguan women’s movement, MEC was selected by the BC Council for International Cooperation to receive the 2013 International Award of Leadership recognising leadership, collaboration, and innovation in their field. (more…)

BCTF – Larry Kuehn on International Solidarity

CoDev has been working with the BC Teachers’ Federation since we began in 1985. Larry Kuehn, former President and now Director of Research and Technology is a long-time international solidarity activist. In this Teacher magazine interview, Larry talks about why he got involved (a CoDev organized tour in 1985!) and the impact of the BCTF solidarity work.

Owen Williams – Remembering CoDev

Since our beginning 25 years ago, CoDev has grown on the strength of people coming together in solidarity and commitment to work for social justice. From teachers nurturing student’s citizenship in Central America to public sector union workers in Colombia organizing to defend human rights, our successes and those of our partners are rooted in people’s dedication to come together across distances, in pursuit of sustainable social change.  (more…)

Notes on the Canada Colombia Free Trade Agreement

In 2007 Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper opened negotiations for a free trade agreement with Colombia signalling shared values of “freedom, democracy, human rights, and the rule of law”. Given that Colombia was the worst violator of human rights in the Americas at the time, many Canadian civil society groups including unions, human rights groups, churches and NGOs protested the decision, asking for a full, independent human rights impact assessment be implemented before the deal went ahead.  (more…)