Urgent Action: Human Rights Defenders Threatened

Colombian Human Rights Defenders Threatened

Urge Colombian authorities to take action to ensure the safety of human rights leaders

CoDevelopment Canada partner NOMADESC has reported alarming threats against two human rights leaders in Buenaventura, Colombia, Danelly Estupiñan Valencia and Rocio del Pilar Segura. The threats appear to originate from paramilitaries linked to organized crime. (more…)

The Painted Angels of Ciudad Juárez

Local artists in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico have found a profound and beautiful way to pay tribute to the lives of missing women from their city. Painting their images in murals. (more…)

Urgent Action: Indigenous Activist Assassinated

Please join CoDev and send a message in protest to the Colombian government. On October 11th, indigenous activist Benecio Flor Belalcazar was assassinated while travelling with his wife to the city of Suarez in the department of Cauca, Colombia. Mr Flor Belalcazar was a student in CoDev partner NOMADESC’s Intercultural University of the Peoples.

CoDev’s Election Questionnaire

The Results Are In!

CoDev is pleased to share with you the results of our election questionnaire on international development issues. We sent our questionnaire to all 23 registered political parties, and received responses from the NDP, the Liberals, and the Communist Party.

Election Questionnaire Responses

The Honduran Women’s Collective rallies for women’s rights on International Women’s Day

The Honduran Women’s Collective rallies for women’s rights on International Women’s Day

Notes from Colombia

As teachers around the globe celebrate World Teachers’ Day, the CoDevelopment Canada Educator’s delegation, including BCTF President Jim Iker and BC Fed President Irene Lanzinger, are showing solidarity in the world’s most dangerous place in the world for teachers, Colombia. (more…)