A message of thanks from NOMADESC

I sometimes wonder when I sign urgent actions and petitions what impact they have. Do leaders listen? Are our concerns heard? One thing is certain – our partners on whose behalf we write these urgent actions most certainly do hear and appreciate our solidarity. CoDev’s partner NOMADESC recently asked us to share this letter of appreciation (more…)

The Painted Angels of Ciudad Juárez

Local artists in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico have found a profound and beautiful way to pay tribute to the lives of missing women from their city. Painting their images in murals. (more…)

Notes from Colombia

As teachers around the globe celebrate World Teachers’ Day, the CoDevelopment Canada Educator’s delegation, including BCTF President Jim Iker and BC Fed President Irene Lanzinger, are showing solidarity in the world’s most dangerous place in the world for teachers, Colombia. (more…)

Transformative Peace: a proposal for Colombia

The conflict in Colombia is the longest running conflict in Latin America. It is clear that a Colombia without war is better than a Colombia with war. So the peace dialogues underway are positive but our Latin American partner Asociación Nomadesc reminds us in this video that there are different perspectives on peace. (more…)

Community Development from the Ground Up

Kirsten Daub is in Nicaragua visiting the co-operatives that provide Café Ético’s coffee beans. She sends us this update. (more…)