Three Days in Cali

CoDev Executive Director, Barbara Wood, is travelling as one of the coordinators of the 2013 delegation of the Frontlines Initiative – a joint project of four Canadian public sector unions working together in solidarity with Colombia since 2004 – and shares some reflections from three days in Cali. (more…)

Non-Sexist Pedagogy – What does it mean?

Guest Blogger: Jenny Sung, CoDev Intern

When I first heard the words “non-sexist pedagogy”, I assumed that I knew what it meant based on the definitions of each word. On, sexism is defined as “attitudes or behaviours based on traditional stereotypes of sexual roles” and “discrimination based on person’s sex, restrict opportunities”. Pedagogy is defined as
“function or work of a teachers, teaching” and “art or science of teaching education; instructional methods”. By combining these definitions I created a definition of non-sexist pedagogy (more…)

In Memory: Ken Davidson

Brother Ken Davidson passed away today on February 14. Fittingly on the day that symbolizes love as Ken was someone who expressed his love of humanity through his tireless activism, fighting for the rights of workers here and around the world. Ken twice participated in CoDev delegations – to Cuba and to Colombia – where he deepened his understanding of solidarity and made friends with people through his empathy and his laugh! Our world is truly a better place today thanks to the efforts of Brother Ken. (more…)

Partner Focus: NOMADESC

Solidarity in Action

Challenging times such as these make it apparent what a unique organization CoDev is. We have incredible staff, board members, and supporters and, more than that, we are privileged to work with communities in Latin America that are on the frontlines of advocating for human rights.  (more…)

CoDev Recognized for Human Rights Work

We are thrilled and honoured to be the 2012 recipient of the Renate Shearer Award for Human Rights. Thank you to the BC Human Rights Coalition and the Vancouver Branch of the United Nations Association in Canada for recognizing the work of CoDev and our Latin American partners! (more…)