Dispatch #4: Young Worker’s Tour 2011


Having had some “down time” since the intensity of the young workers delegation to reflect on my experiences, I keep coming back to how inspirational our time in El Salvador was on a variety of levels. As a young worker myself, (more…)

Cordoba, Colombia: A dangerous place to be a union leader

Guest Blogger Irene Lanzinger, B.C. Federation of Labour, shares a report from a recent CoDev delegation to Colombia.

On Friday, December 2, Domingo Ayala, the president of the Teachers’ Union of Cordoba (ADEMACOR) walked into our hotel lobby. He was accompanied by the two armed (more…)

Buenaventura, Colombia: Where Free Trade Meets Mass Graves

“The FTA would deepen the crisis that we are living here because the FTA is synonymous with privatization and privatization is synonymous with unemployment, unemployment is synonymous with poverty and misery and misery is synonymous with loss of autonomy and sovereignty for our people and as a country.” Danelly Estupiñan, Afro-Colombian activist in Buenaventura, Colombia on the US-Colombia Free Trade Agreement. (FTA).

In this excellent article, (more…)

Dispatch #3: Young Worker’s Tour 2011


In the face of adversity, courage can take many forms. We have seen so much bravery over the last few days… It’s humbling and inspiring. On Saturday, we met with Tirza and Guillermo, two lawyers from (more…)

Dispatch #2: Young Worker’s Tour 2011

The Young Workers’ delegation arrived today in San Pedro Sula, and began meetings by traveling to El Progreso and meeting with a member of the Radio Progreso team.

Radio Progreso was a beacon during those dark days of the coup… I remember sitting in the CoDev office, with the Radio Progreso live stream on the screen, straining to understand, straining to figure out what was going on. On the same day as the coup took place, the military came to Radio Progreso and camped out around the building, sending the obvious message that intervention could (more…)