Appeal from Nicaragua: Sandra Ramos of MEC

Nicaragua’s Maria Elena Cuadra Movement of Employed and Unemployed Women (MEC) has been partner of CoDev since the mid-1990s. For more than 25 years MEC has defended workers’ rights in the country’s free trade zones where many assembly-for-export maquilas (sweatshops) have been set up.

Since the beginning, the Canadian labour movement has accompanied MEC in its work for maquila workers’ and women’s rights. . Today MEC, like many Nicaraguan organizations, is under threat of being shut-down by the government of President Daniel Ortega. The government has already shut-down and seized the assets of eight human rights organizations. In the video message below, MEC director Sandra Ramos appeals to CoDev and the Canadian labour movement to take action to support MEC and other threatened rights organizations, as well as the more than 600 political prisoners she says the Ortega government is holding.

Colombian Civic Strike Leaders Visit Canada

Buenaventura strikes!

In 2017, social organizations launched a remarkable three-week civic strike that forced the Colombian government to negotiate solutions to the city’s pressing social and human rights crisis. Residents literally shut down Colombia’s most important trade route. Many, many activists were called upon to organize and participate in this momentous event with remarkable success.


Urgent Action: Killings & Death Threats in Colombia

Call on Colombian authorities to stop the killing, stigmatization and death threats against social leaders and human rights defenders in Colombia. (more…)

Volcano Relief – Guatemalan Women’s Sector

By now many Canadians have heard of the horrendous eruption of the Fuego (Fire) Volcano that began Sunday June 3,destroying several Guatemalan communities, killing at least 110 – hundreds more are still missing – and displacing thousands. (more…)

Urgent Action: Mass Arrests in Colombia

Please call on Colombia’s President to release rights defenders arrested April 20-22. (more…)