Take Action: Honduran Human Rights Under Attack

Here at CoDev there is always the possibility that we will check our emails and receive news from our partners that their livelihoods and lives are at risk. Unfortunately this isn’t as infrequent an event as we would like it to be and this week is no exception.

On Monday Steve Stewart, one of Program Directors, emailed us from his vacation to inform us that a Honduran teacher, Ilse Ivania Velásquez Rodríguez, had died as a result of continued human rights repression in Honduras. This repression has been (more…)

Take Action: Colombian Partner Faces Death Threats!

Berenice Celeyta - NOMADESC

In the short time since we sent you an urgent action on December 20th asking for letters to protest ongoing death threats against NOMADESC and other union and human rights organizations in Cali and the southwest of Colombia, several more threats have been made. On January 6th, (more…)