CoDev 2020 Member Survey

This brief survey is completely confidential and does not ask for any identifying information. Your responses will help CoDev understand how best to communicate with our members and other supporters.

CoDev 2020 Member Survey
What is your age group?
To which gender do you most identify?
How often do you visit the CoDev website?
Do you follow @CoDevCanada on Twitter?
Do you follow @codevcanada on Instagram?
Do you visit the CoDevelopment Canada YouTube channel?
Do you visit CoDevelopment Canada's Facebook page?
As a member you receive CoDev's E-Bulletin. How often do you read the E-Bulletin?
CoDev has begun hosting online webinars as fundraisers and/or educational opportunities. How likely are you to attend a free webinar?
How likely are you to attend a webinar for which you need to purchase a ticket?
Do you feel you receive enough information about CoDev?
How often would you like to hear from CoDev?
If CoDev needs to contact you, do you prefer,