Executive Director Reports

Welcome to a new addition to our Publications page. Every quarter, our Executive Director (ED) will provide an in-depth look at what CoDev has been working on. You’ll meet partners and staff, learn about our programs, keep up-to-date with the administration of our organization, and so much more. As always, if you have any questions, please send them to codev@codev.org. We always look forward to hearing from members and supporters.

Executive Director Report – Fall 2020

CoDev 2020 Annual General Meeting

CoDev held its first online Annual General Meeting on September 16.

2020 AGM Guest Speaker Santiago Diaz

We welcomed Jacqueline Alvarado Cruz, a Surrey teacher solidarity activist, who was elected to the board at this AGM. Read Jaqueline’s profile here. And congratulations to incumbent board members Nancy Hawkins, Neil Adolph, Diana Alvarez, Caitlin Johnston and Marina Meredith on their re-election to new two-year board terms.

We also reluctantly bade farewell to Carol Wood, Marion Pollack and Susan Weber, long-time board members whose terms expired with the 2020 AGM. All three served on CoDev’s board through a very interesting period for the organization and their contributions are deeply appreciated. READ MORE