CoDev by Numbers

In May 2011 we started a new feature entitled CoDev by Numbers in our Partners in Solidarity newsletter and received some great feedback.  We will continue to occasionally run the feature in the newsletter but also decided to amalgamate all this great information in one place for you.  Do you have any CoDev by Numbers information to contribute?  Let us know!


  • 30: Number of years that CoDev has been working in partnership with Canadians and Latin Americans for equality, human rights and justice
  • 1: Number of Canadian Partners when CoDev began in 1985
  • 17: Number of Canadian Partners working with CoDev in 2012


  • 84%: CoDev’s human rights work involves countries where 84% of the murders of trade unionists took place across the planet in 2010 (ITUC Annual survey of trade union rights violations, 2010)
  • 6,853: The number of Latin American teachers who attended 61 workshops, seminars and forums on gender issues in education in the CoDev supported Non-Sexist Pedagogy program (2011/12)


  • 0: Number of paid staff that worked at CoDev when it was founded in 1985
  • 5.6: Number of paid staff positions at CoDev in 2012, including Café Ético staff
  • 14.5: Number of years CoDev staff has collectively lived in Latin America


    • 23: Average monthly donation in dollars by CoDev’s Partners in Solidarity donors
    • 10: % of operating budget being covered by our amazing Partners in Solidarity monthly donors
    • 547: Number of current CoDev members (individuals, families, organizations) (2012/13)

Café Ético

    • 4,000: Number of bags of coffee sold in 1996 when Café Ético began
    • Over 12,000: Number of bags of coffee now being sold by Café Ético