Message: Lilia Solano, July 12, 2012

Translated from the original Spanish:

We thank all of those in the international community who have raised their voices in solidarity with those of us who are victims of death threats. And for demanding that the Colombian government guarantee the lives and physical integrity of the human rights defenders so we can continue working for land, life and dignity.

The letters that have been sent have been fundamental for our survival. One concrete result is that President Santos has had to recognise that a real danger exists because of the “Anti-Restitution Army”.

Lilia Solano, Justicia y Vida. Photo: KAIROS Canada

Those who threaten us are the same paramilitary organizations associated with political, economic and military powers that for decades have assassinated, displaced and disappeared those who work for the defence of human rights in the country.

Thanks again,

Lilia Solano, President of Proyecto Justicia y Vida (Project Justice and Life), Colombia

Call on Colombian Authorities to respond to threats against 13 human rights defenders!