Gift of Solidarity

Need a gift that says solidarity?

Consider making a donation to CoDev in the name of a family member, friend, or co-worker. Gifts to CoDev enable us and our partners to continue building partnerships for global justice. Giving a gift to someone you respect tells them that you want to include them in a community of caring individuals and organizations concerned about human rights.

The recipient of your gift will receive a hand-written beautiful card informing them that you have made a donation in their name supporting solidarity and global justice. We will also include a brochure or recent newsletter for their information. You will receive a charitable tax receipt.

There are three ways to give:

  1. Call our office at 604.708.1495 x112 to make a donation via VISA/Mastercard.
  2. Donate online via Canada HelpsBe sure to select the fund “Give the Gift of Solidarity” and be sure to provide mailing information for the gift recipient so that we can send a card to them .
  3. Mail a cheque to our office. Please provide mailing information for the gift recipient so that we can send a card to them.
  4. Purchase Café Ético. Order a customized gift package of Café Ético’s delicious coffee! Please your order today by calling 604.708.8782 or via email!

What are you giving?

Solidarity is a difficult thing to quantify. It can’t easily be broken down by the cost of a workshop or how much our partners spend on the tools they need to strengthen their communities. Our sustainable approach to funding our partners does not allow donors to specifically direct their donation to a particular workshop but towards supporting CoDev in the entirety of our work.  Your gift will contribute towards the work we have been doing for almost three decades.

Solidarity is the understanding that we are all linked together in this wonderful and crazy world. Solidarity is knowing that struggles in one part of the world directly affect people in other parts of the globe.  Marion Pollack, CoDev Board Member

Just Curious…

While it’s true that we can’t tell you exactly what your gift will be directed towards, we thought it would be interesting for you to know some of what it costs* us and our partners to build partnerships for global justice.

  • $1.25 per CoDev printed brochure to tell new people about the work we do
  • $35 for one FENALTRASE public sector worker to attend 3 workshops on human rights, women’s rights and conflict resolution in Colombia
  • $40 per month to pick up our two boxes of paper/cardboard recycling
  • $44 per month for NOMADESC to do evidence gathering for legal cases and human rights violation denunciations in Colombia
  • $49 per month for NOMADESC’s office rent in Colombia
  • $133 for food for 38 participants for an APSIES Gender School (workshop on violence against women) in El Salvador
  • $150 per month for the salary of a CODEMUH community organizer in Honduras
  • $200 per year to host this beautiful website
  • $450 for all costs associated with a 2-day MEC-Granada workshop on women’s rights for 25 women in Ometepe, Nicaragua

*Costs are based on average amounts and are approximate due to foreign exchange rate fluctuation