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A Reason for Bean…

Cafe Etico beans in a cupThe best tasting way to support CoDev is to purchase coffee from our wholly-owned social enterprise, Café Ético!

Fairly traded coffee was barely a glimmer in Canadians’ eyes when CoDev created Café Ético in 1996 and began importing organic, shade-grown, bird friendly coffee from Nicaraguan farmers. CoDev believed it was important to establish an alternative to the conventional coffee market, with its highly volatile price swings and marginalization of small-scale coffee farmers. CoDev founded Café Ético on the same principles that guide our work with partners in Latin America: solidarity, mutual respect and direct relationships.

Cafe Etico - CCDA Farmer

Teodoro, coffee farmer with the CCDA in Guatemala

Café Ético continues to operate to these values today, and imports coffee from Nicaragua, Guatemala, Cuba and Mexico. In addition to paying a fair price for coffee, Café Ético works with farmer associations to fund community-led projects, and organizes tours to Guatemala and Nicaragua so that Canadians can learn more about the people who grow their coffee. Café Ético’s work benefits more than the farmers who grow the coffee: 100% of profits support CoDevelopment Canada and its work with grassroots organizations in Latin America.