CoDev Supporters

CoDev supporters are the many people and organizations that have contributed for more than 25 years to our operations, programs and appeals.  By supporting CoDevelopment Canada and our Latin American partners they have shown their commitment to global justice, solidarity and human rights.  We appreciate each and every contribution regardless of the monetary value.

We would love to have a full listing here of all the amazing individuals and organizations that support us each year but it would take up too much space and would require too much updating! We do produce a physical poster each year to display at our dinner so join us at the event and see how many committed Canadians support building partnerships for global justice!

In the meantime, here’s what some of these wonderful people have said about our work!

“CoDev provides our union with a concrete link to workers in Latin America. This enables us to support and learn from their struggles for justice. Our partnership with CoDev is a critical part of our international solidarity efforts as a union.” ~ George Heyman, Former President, B.C. Government Employees’ Union

“CoDev provides a unique perspective on development issues and makes a significant difference with a modest budget. Its approach to development focuses on empowerment, community action and democratic decision-making. It’s the wave of the future.” ~ Peter Julian, Member of Parliament, Burnaby-New Westminster

“CoDev does outstanding work. We are fortunate to have a locally based NGO that engages British Columbians on critical global issues.” ~ Seth Klein, Executive Director, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, BC Office

“Since the founding of our organization in 1995 we have counted on the support of CoDev. As a result, we now have a network of more than 7,000 women maquila workers who have won favourable recognition in national and international public opinion. Thank you to CoDev!” ~ Sandra Ramos, Maria Elena Cuadra Movement of Working and Unemployed Women, Nicaragua