News Releases

CoDev Responds to 2013 Budget: Merging CIDA with DFAIT (PDF)
March 5, 2013: CoDev reacts to the recent announcement that CIDA will be merged into the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

CoDev Recognized for Outstanding Contribution to Human Rights (PDF)
December 5, 2012: CoDev is honoured to be the 2012 recipient of the Renate Shearer Award from the United Nations Association in Canada, Vancouver Branch and the B.C. Human Rights Coalition.

Guatemalan Activist Critiques Canadian Temporary Worker Program (PDF)
November 19, 2010: CoDev hosts a visit from Ms. Ruano, a prominent Guatemalan activist, who will speak to Vancouver citizens about why hundreds of workers in Guatemala are protesting this Canadian government program.

CoDev Program Director Detained by Honduran Security Forces (PDF)
September 23, 2009: Steve Stewart, CoDev Program Director, got a firsthand taste of the wave of repression in Honduras following the 2009 coup when he was arbitrarily detained by Honduran Security Forces.

CoDev Educational Resources Receive ‘Recommended’ Status from BC Ministry of Education (PDF)
August 7, 2008: Two of CoDev’s popular teaching resources achieve ‘recommended’ status by the granting of the Minister’s Order by the BC Ministry of Education.