Planned Giving

As part of your long-term financial planning, CoDev offers you the option of leaving a legacy gift. A gift of this kind can offer you tax and estate planning benefits and allow you to be a core CoDev supporter.

“Naming CoDev in my will allows me to contribute after I am gone. I think that people need to internalize this. For myself I know the strength of the women’s movement is in developing countries. I know CoDev is an organization that will make sure there is a future for gender equality. I want my gift to be part of it.” Julia Goulden, CoDev Co-Founder and former Board Member

By contributing to CoDev’s legacy, you provide a permanent source of support for our work in building partnerships for global justice. In 2005 we launched the CoDev Endowment Fund, held at the Vancity Community Foundation (VCF), to celebrate 20 years of building sustainable and equitable global development. With the growth of our Endowment Fund we are now seeing the possibilities of being able to count on a small, but stable, amount of core funding. These funds allow us to concentrate on supporting our Latin American partners as they implement sustainable solutions in their communities.

To find out more about planned giving and how legacy gifts can be made please read our planned giving brochure and contact our Communications & Development Director to speak about your options for leaving a charitable bequest to support building partnerships for global justice.

For more information about our registered charitable status, tax receipts, ethical fundraising, our privacy commitment and our exchange policy, please read our Commitment to Ethics and Privacy. Call our office at 604.708.1495 for a confidential discussion about giving options or consult with your lawyer, financial advisor or estate planner to guide you through the process of making a bequest to CoDev. Additional information on legacy giving in Canada can also be found via Leave a Legacy™